The Frye Magee Team


Kendall Magee, President/Sr. Grants Manager 

Mr. Magee has 35 years experience in the administrative consulting industry. He has served as President for Frye Magee, LLC and Frye Magee & Associates, Inc since its formation in 1981. He developed a company that has assisted over 45 clients from small towns/cities to parishes throughout Central and North Louisiana with well over 250 grants for street, sewer, and water improvements as well as economic development projects. He developed the consulting teams that successfully obtained contracts from the State of Louisiana to assist in the administration of Katrina/Rita and Ike/Gustav CDBG disaster recovery projects throughout south Louisiana. He also developed the team that successfully obtained contracts from the State of Louisiana to provide environmental reporting services for all Katrina/Rita  and Ike/Gustav disaster recovery CDBG projects.  

Allison Laborde, Senior Grants Consultant 

Mrs. Laborde, for the past 5 years, has assisted Mr. Magee in the administration and management of Community Development Block Grant Projects, including CDBG – Disaster Recovery Projects for Katrina/Rita and Gustav/Ike hurricanes. Previous experience includes 21 years in public relations and office management as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Avoyelles Parish Police Jury where she was in charge of FEMA debris removal and public assistance and the development of the emergency management master plan.  


Danny H. Magee Sr., Senior Grants Consultant 

Mr. Magee has over 40 years experience in grants management.  He retired from the USDA Rural Development in January 2006 where he was the Community Programs Directer for the State of Louisiana providing technical assistance for economic and community development in rural areas of Louisiana for water, sewer, schools, rural health clinics, hospitals, and other essential community facilities.  This required the interfacing with various funding sources such as CDBG, Capital Outlay, EDA and Revolving Loan Fund.  Since 2006, Mr. Magee has provided the grant packaging and administrative services for clients under the USDA and CDBG programs across Louisiana as a private consultant.  Currently, Mr. Magee is coordinating all Disaster Recovery Efforts in Acadia Parish, Jefferson Davis Parish, and the St. Bernard Parish School Board for both Katrina/Rita and  Ike/Gustav hurricanes.  

Jacqueline M. McGee, Grants Consultant 

Ms. McGee is our land acquisition expert.  She is retired from LaDOTD as a Real Estate District Manager, a position she held for 15 years.  Prior to that, she was a real estate agent for LaDOTD for 10 years.  She has vast experience in acquisition and relocation of residential and commercial properties under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisitions Policies Act of 1970 (Uniform Act).  Currently, she is involved in providing service to the South East Louisiana Flood Protection Authorities, the Local Government Emergency Initiative, the LaDNR Energy Block Grant Program, and real estate agents for the Rapides Parish Levee Recertification Program under Gustav/Ike hurricanes.


Thomas Magee, Grants Consultant

Mr. Magee has 8 years experience in CDBG administration, including environmental assessment compilation, Davis Bacon Wage Labor Compliance, and application preparation.  His work experience also includes environmental assessments for Texas Disaster Recovery Program Round II Infrastructure.  



Janice Brevelle, Senior Grants Consultant

Mrs. Brevelle assists Mr. Magee in the administration and management of Community Development Block Grant Projects, including CDBG- Disistaster Recovery Projects, specializing in labor compliance.  She has 5 years of experience in CDBG administration with the firm.  Previous experience includes 20 years as Assistant Secretary Treasurer of the Avoyelles Parish Police Jury, where she was tasked with the financial management of FEMA debris removal and public assistance.



Amanda Hair, Grants Consultant  

Mrs. Hair has 8 years experience in financial management of the Louisiana Community Block Grant Programs.  She serves as the Accountant of the firm, administering grant funding and providing comprehensive grant management services required by HUD/CDBG programs.  Previous experience includes 11 years as the Funds Accountant for the Louisiana Baptist Foundation.




Amanda Magee Burlew, Grants Consultant

Mrs. Burlew, a graduate of Louisiana College, assists the Frye Magee team in all areas of CDBG and Disaster Recovery Administration, with special emphasis in application, proposal, and contract preparation.





 Joe Magee, Assistant Grants Consultant  

Mr. Magee has a background in CDBG Administration Assistance: Environmental Review Record compilation, Davis Bacon Wage labor compliance interviews, application preparation, monitoring by State agency, meeting with clients, contractors, and the public regarding grants.




moMorgan Pourciau, Assistant Grants Consultant  

Mrs. Pourciau assists with all the general financial recordkeeping of the business in Peachtree Accounting System. She also helps to maintain all the Financial Management records for each LCDBG project managed & assists grantees and sub‐recipients with compiling CDBG required documentation and complying with all CDBG requirements – collecting invoices, preparing Requests for Payments, verifying receipt of funds and payments to vendors, monitoring expenses compared to state’s approved grant budget, and preparing close‐out documents.






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