Frye Magee LLC is an Administrative Consulting Firm serving municipalities and parish/county governments. We have expertise in assisting clients in securing project funding from multiple funding sources and then managing those funds in compliance with funding guidelines. Frye Magee manages the complex process of disaster recovery. Our team’s extensive knowledge of FEMA Public Assistance (PA), mitigation, insurance, and other funding sources and our experience working with state and federal governments are put to work daily to assist our Public Sector clients to recover from natural and man-made disasters.

Applicants must launch their disaster recovery process and to not wait for FEMA or insurance companies to provide direction. It is necessary to be pro-active by taking immediate protective measures to control and minimize damages. Initial damage assessments, immediate needs funding and temporary facilities are all things that must be addressed from the immediate aftermath of a disaster. Approaching the process with an experienced and balanced group of professionals comprised of  accomplished industry engineers, licensed architects, project managers, insurance professionals, eligibility and technical specialists, the end result will be a very successful recovery. It is our business to maximize funding opportunities from FEMA, insurance and other grant resources for our clients.

Those different sources include:

  1. Community Development Block Grant Regular Program
  2. Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Unit
  3. Local Bond Millage
  4. Economic Development Administration
  5. DOT/Federal Highway Administration
  6. State Capital Appropriations
  7. Delta Regional Authority
  8. USDA Grants and Loans
  9. New Market Tax Credits


Forensic Accounting
Pre-Disaster Planning
FEMA Public Assistance (PA)/Public Works (PW)
FEMA Eligibility
Alternate & Improved Projects
Grant Management
Alternative Grant and Funding Programs
Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)
Scope Development
Technical Analysis
Financial Management
Cash Flow Management
Direct Administrative Cost (DAC)
Data & Document Management