About Us


Since 1981, our mission at Frye Magee has been to assist communities in meeting their needs through the acquisition of Federal and State funding for master planning, public infrastructure, disaster recovery, and economic development. Our team administers projects in the wake of disasters with State Disaster Recovery Unit funds or using Regular Program Community Development funds for local needs.

Our strength is in collectively providing integrated services—delivering the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Frye Magee puts its clients first. We listen better to understand our clients’ needs and deliver smart, cost-effective solutions that meet those needs.

Kendall Magee, President of Frye Magee LLC, has assisted communities through the Community Development Block Grant Program. We have administered 34 LCDBG Regular Program projects consisting of Economic Development, Sewer Rehabilitation, Sewer Treatment, Water Rehabilitation, Water Wells, Water Treatment Plant, Street Improvements, LASTEP, and Demonstrated Needs projects. The Frye Magee team is capable of, and has the capacity to successfully administer projects according to CDBG guidelines and within schedule time lines.

Under the Hurricane Katrina/Rita CDBG Disaster Funding Program, Frye Magee LLC has been assisting Louisiana Parishes and municipalities recover and prepare for possible future disasters by utilizing Disaster Recovery funds. Our firm has assisted the St. Bernard Parish Government, the St. Bernard Parish School Board, the Acadia Parish Police Jury, the Jeff Davis Parish Police Jury, the South East Louisiana Flood Protection Authority, and 8 colleges and universities through the State of Louisiana Office of Facilities Planning and Control totaling over $149,000,000.00.

Frye Magee, LLC has also been directly involved with assisting 11 parishes and 4 municipalities with their CDBG Gustav/Ike recovery needs totaling over $ 35,000,000.00.  Frye Magee has provided these grantees with overall program management, including preparing recovery plans, applications, procurement of professional services, land acquisition, coordination, reporting, evaluation, Section 3, Davis Bacon compliance, fair housing activities, policies and procedures, construction plan review, environmental review record, payroll review, financial management, as well as, monitoring and closeout of each project.

As a result of Hurricane Sandy over the past two years Kendall Magee has been serving as the Subject Matter Expert in Up State New York’s 3 Regions by assisting Grant Managers in developing and implementing recovery project from the New York Community Rising Reconstruction Plans. Frye Magee, LLC has also been directly involved with assisting with their recovery needs totaling over $ 45,000,000.00.

Fryee Magee professionals bring diverse qualifications and experiences, a passion to make a difference and to help, and an urgency to achieve success with every project assignment. Our people achieve results — and demand it of themselves most of all. Our entrepreneurial nature and commitment to success provide challenges and opportunities for all of our associates. Our workforce is diverse and includes leading experts in our fields. Fryee Magee’s experienced staff has gained a reputation for being knowledgeable, innovative and resourceful with a genuine concern for client needs.