Frye Magee LLC is an Administrative Consulting Firm serving municipalities and parish/county governments. We have expertise in assisting clients in securing project funding from multiple funding sources and then managing those funds in compliance with funding guidelines. Frye Magee manages

Alternate & Improved Projects

Alternate – Funding alternatives are available when it comes to developing a disaster recovery and rebuilding plan. Applicants have options; they can replace the original structure, improve upon it, or direct the money toward another project. Applicants may find that

Cash Flow Management

Managing and allocating recovery funding, as well as accounting for and complying with the rules and regulations of the various PA programs are a critical part of the cash flow management process. Failure to properly account for and comply with

Damage Assessments

We know how to conduct damage assessments because we’ve done it before. Immediately after a disaster is declared, damage assessments should be done. It should include sufficient documentation as well as testing of all structural components of the facilities. There is no substitute

The Frye Magee Team

  Kendall Magee, President/Sr. Grants Manager  Mr. Magee has 35 years experience in the administrative consulting industry. He has served as President for Frye Magee, LLC and Frye Magee & Associates, Inc since its formation in 1981. He developed

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